Fredericksburg Visit

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Mid afternoon we arrive in Fredericksburg, Texas a German immigrant settlement more than 150 years old that still maintains European charm and good German food. Our home for Easter is Baron’s Creekside Inn. James takes a well deserved rest for a couple of days. I have a chance to do a little shopping. The streets are crowded and shops are full. One notable citizen is Tex the poodle who is sitting on the sidewalk bench dressed in his cowboy hat and neckerchief. Sunday James and I go for some German food. As we leave, we meet a big raw boned cowboy out with the tiniest Yorkie dog that I have ever seen. We stop to visit and he tells us the story of how “Tiny” escaped the house and began to terrorize his Belgian Draft horses which easily weigh 2000 pounds each. He went on to tell us what a good job he has in the oil fields where major fracking activity is going on. He had hurt his left arm to where he couldn’t use it to work. His coworkers covered for him and helped him out so he wouldn’t lose his good job. Then he told us about his granddaughter winning a draft horse driving contest in Oregon. James and I bid him good day before he could start another story. The next day brings thunderstorms so we stay on at the Inn. Later in the day we take a little side trip to the Wild Seed Center. This is one of the major places in Texas where they grow wild flower seeds for planting along the state highways. The 100 acres of fields were beautiful and a major attraction for birds as well. When we returned to the Inn in late afternoon, the storms hit with howling winds, lightening, and dark thunderheads. Good time to be off the bike. Fredericksburg was the boyhood home of Admiral Halsey the famous WWII naval commander in the Pacific. Only in America could a person of such humble beginnings rise to such a high post.