Big Bend National Park

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At last we are here! Many people come to this park for the solitude. The expanse of wide open land reaching all the way to the horizon is difficult to describe for us Easterners who never see this vista at home. The rocks are as old as the earth itself. We spend over 2 hours in the visitor’s center learning about the geology of the area which is on display all around us. We must compliment the Park Service for an excellent presentation. We ride up to the park Lodge which is located at 5,000 feet elevation amongst the Pinon Pines. The Colima Warbler can be found by hiking another 2000 feet higher. We laugh and ride on. Still a lot of the park left to see. Sediment, ancient sea floors, lava fields, and limestone formations are all here in abundance. The roads are pretty good one minute and then you find your self winding your way up to a lookout mesa and then down to the Rio Grande’s edge. Man, it is now really hot out here. James tells me about the site where the Rio Grande River winds through a cliff canyon only a few miles ahead. He tells me three times but, I fail to hear him( or I don’t want to). It is so hot and we still have 35 to 40 more twisty miles to go. We ride on. The Rio Grande is down to a trickle. Anyone could simply wade across from Mexico. We reach the western edge of the park and find a lonely gas station. A completely intoxicated Ohio woman is trying to have a conversation with the store clerk who is obviously uninterested. We grab gas and wait to pay for our ice cream. We then saddle up and continue west to Lajitas. This is the location of the resort where we will be staying as well as the name of the town. The resort and the town are essentially one and the same. The resort is based upon a golf course along the Rio Grande. The resort has created a little group of shops along an old west style wooden board walk. It is very cute. Birds are around as well as animals which both use the ponds and pools on the property for water. We are here at the end of the high season of winter and spring. We have the place pretty much to ourselves. We walk the entire golf course and see several new birds. We visit the small cemetery which looks just like you would expect and old west graveyard to look. We had scheduled a float trip on the Rio Grande but, the water is way to low. They are in the midst of a seven year drought out here in West Texas. Instead we take a day off and kick back. James uses it wisely to catch up on business. Once again he has the better cell service. The stars at night are unbelievable and satellites are visible as well, its a highlight!